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Nokia N8 Hidden Feature: FingerPrint Software application Unlock your Nokia N8 with your FingerPrint! Play a trick with your friend to unlock the mobile phone with your fingerprint! When the FingerPrint screen pops up, you need to touch your finger to the screen to be “scanned” for your identity, there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan.
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25 comments on “Nokia N8 Hidden Feature: FingerPrint Software application

  1. FirzokNadeem on said:

    to download the latest version

  2. asadgujjar539 on said:

    useless and dumb program,
    it not an application, actually its a flash only, and one can exit it any time, even its on display.
    its true, try it, click the unlock button, it will ask to scan the thumb, just long press the menu button and watch…………

  3. ProishX on said:

    y dnt ya press da main button??

  4. KlopapierPlayer on said:

    ha ha i have this program and this is shit i cracked it an i delete ist after one day

  5. phyrhone on said:

    this app is crap!

  6. rrgert4 on said:

    my friend
    at least spell correctly
    jk :D

  7. ahmedelmoon on said:

    its available 4 all nokia touchscreen phones

  8. kavithewolf on said:

    Fuck you Limp Dick fuckup

  9. PhantomAct on said:

    @aleloxis yes but it got enough time to steal ur private data, txt messages & password file.

  10. aleloxis on said:

    I downloaded it, tried it, and uninstalled right away!! haha

  11. nazirdjon on said:

    here we go, handing our fingerprints to corporations was something useful. next tell’em your best sex position?

  12. kuakris on said:

    this is not hidden! you just download it from ovi store! every nokia phone can download it!

  13. taoybb on said:

    @umulig it’s not fake! I have try it already. it can unlock by counting a vibrate not fingerprint

  14. fallenangel042010 on said:

    @ wolftongren you’re using the pro version right?

  15. FELICIANOism on said:


  16. Amirfayaz on said:

    one thing i dont like in dis software is. u have to keep it running all the time,so it will work,but if u do it,so definitely the battery charge will be reducing. but if u exit from dis software,it will not work anymore.

  17. TrevorAdrian007 on said:

    yaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!! it takes time to load !! like 5 mtxz !! suxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Jayneybabe1982 on said:

    what a load of toss!!!

  19. suru76 on said:

    stupid software=fake=make nothing

  20. saqibjan94 on said:

    stupid software i have download it but it was not being unlock finally i uninstall it asshole

  21. ch000253 on said:

    that software is suck. First it’s not really scan your finger print,but scan the time your finger touch the screen. Second, it cannot lock the phone, you can just slide the unlock buttom 2~3 times to break the seal. Third, it makes the phone lag and unstable.

  22. velan619 on said:


  23. keal5528 on said:

    hidden feature? i can download for my 5800 too~

  24. unlock4all on said:

    visit : misophones . com

  25. apsiya on said:

    I Wanna my 1:50 mn of my time Back Plz
    or I Blow Your Fucking Head

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